A nation of slaves

People are totally shut out of governance once they have cast their vote.

Our politicians and bureaucrats are unaccountable. They enjoy all the power while we, the people, are helpless. For 4.5 out of 5 years, the electors do not matter. Our destiny is not in our hands. We are the new slaves!

Nyayabhoomi has a Vision and a Plan to turn the tables.
Let’s rise up and take charge of our country.

My Beloved Country!

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Literacy rate



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Nyayabhoomi is the greatest idea in the history of independent India – a vision that will ensure that all political power rests with the citizens, and politicians merely do their bidding. This will be a somewhat painful and treacherous path but it will ensure that every resident of India enjoys utmost freedom, equality of opportunity and majesty of impartiality before law. Citizens will take the lead in transforming a city, a state and a nation even as the government plays a non-interventionist regulatory role. Government of the day will be compelled to bring serious governance into focus in a way that the religion or caste based transactional politics becomes irrelevant.

Four cornerstones of the creed of Nyayabhoomi are (i) a strong ideological base, (ii) a clear vision, (iii) a transparent organisational setup, and (iv) a forward-looking tech-enabled participatory agenda-building framework.

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India at stake

  • Personal freedoms are under attack
  • Dark ominous clouds over democracy
  • Enemy nation is past the door
  • RTI Act has been diluted
  • Political opposition is dead
  • Poverty is setting in and killing people

Developing India

Who should join

United force of citizens

In order to counter a government’s highhandness and partisan behaviour, good people need to organise themselves as effectively as bad forces do. Citizens must also institute a “power watch”. But such noble intention are meaningless without an enabling environment and a common platform. Nyayabhoomi is that platform.

State of the Nation

What is the present state of India? Where do we stand on hunger, poverty, literacy, press freedom, sports, human rights, justice delivery, law and order, agriculture, ease of doing business and a host of other parameters vis-à-vis the world’s best? What are our benchmarks and where do we figure? How far behind are we?

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Agenda subject-wise

We, the citizens, cannot just concern ourselves with campaigning. We must not outsource governance to the politicians and bureaucrats and remain content with mediocre outcomes. We must evolve our own world class agenda items, set targets and present to the government for implementation. Let’s do it right here.

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National level campaigns are hosted here. Each campaign has a leadership team that painstakingly sifts through every piece of information that comes in, studies, organises and uploads it. The team raises the resources, plans events and protests, makes representations, supports the victims, networks with NGOs and individuals, moves the mountains, shatters the earth… Their plans and actions are highly engrossing and participatory. Volunteers and leaders are mobilised from across the world who can provide the benefit of their insights, domain knowledge and experiences.

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A call to every citizen

Below, you may participate in discussion on various ongoing campaigns. But remember, to be successful, a campaign needs people, funds, domain knowledge and lung power. This is a call to your conscience to donate or contribute as much of your time, money or other resources as possible. We ask you to consider giving us 1% of your earnings, 2% of your time and bringing in 3 more members aboard. The campaigns are led and managed by citizen-volunteers.

Six Big Reforms
for a Flourishing

A democracy is defined by the strength and independence of its key institutions. Sadly, the six cornerstones that make up the edifice that is India that the world once looked upto for inspiration and leadership have all but collapsed.

Nyayabhoomi will take up reforms of these six key institutions on a very high priority. We have created a platform for experts and the people at large for extensive and exhaustive discussion and consultation. To make contribution to this process of open deliberations, just select the reform that touches your heart and start typing. You are also invited to take leadership position on any of these reforms by writing to mail@nyayabhoomi.org.

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India’s politicians are the epitome of mediocrity and pettiness

Our justice delivery system is dysfunctional and in a shambles

Police inspire terror rather than instilling a sense of security

Civil services and administration are a relic from a slave India

People’s views and participation is never sought in decision making

Agriculture employs 60% of the population to produce 20% in GDP


Nyayabhoomi believes in the supremacy and happiness of the individual, equality of opportunity, rule of law, and social security for the disadvantaged. The government’s role ought to be limited to security, justice, protection of property rights, ensuring personal freedoms and creating an enabling environment that fosters value and wealth creation. Everything else can be taken care of by the masters of the nation (citizens) themselves.

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Every Indian will get a real chance to write his or her own destiny. No one will be left out for want of opportunities. India will welcome diverse thoughts, viewpoints and lifestyles. A culture of open debate, free speech and scientific temper will be promoted. Self-esteem of the people will rise as they shed the subservient mentality. High quality education and health facilities accessible even to the poorest will be all-time highest priority areas.

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Nyayabhoomi takes the spirit of transparency to an altogether new level by laying open absolutely everything except the matters of strategic importance. All our structured meetings are webcast, minutes are published on the website, income and expenses are published monthly, and the Trust has voluntarily brought itself under the jurisdiction of the RTI Act. There is open communication amongst leaders and volunteers regardless of seniority.

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