Team - Board of Trustees

Rakesh Agarwal (53, President)

Nyayabhoomi is his brainchild who had nurtured political ambitious since the age of 15. After fulltime entrepreneurship, he switched to social work in 1999 and founded old Nyayabhoomi in 2002 that worked on RTI, transport policy and judicial reforms. In 2012-13, he was part of AAP and mobilised auto-drivers to support the party. He worked on this new vision throughout 2019. He discontinues studies after class 12.

Rajiv Kumar (47, V. President)

A graduate in social work, Rajiv has been a social activist since early 2000s and has helped thousands of poor claim their rights. His contribution in the nationwide RTI movement is well known. He specialises in Education, and counts making education free in Delhi under the RTE as one of his big achievements. His crusade for RTE and RTI played a key role in improving departmental procedures.

Narinder Pal Singh (60, Trustee)

He is a doctor who practised in the USA for several years before migrating to India to further carry on his profession but on seeing the all round misery and misgovernance, got drawn to social work in 2007. He worked first with IAC as a volunteer and then with a political party but was soon dismayed that the party shun its core values of true democracy and transparency. A person with an eye for detail, he is always ready contribute to any good cause.

Yogita Bhayana (40, Trustee)

Yogita is a fiery social activist who speaks her mind against the corroded governance structures. After quitting a successful career in aviation industry, she took a master’s degree in disaster management, and, since 2008, has been working for social development, gender sensitization, and against sexual harassment of women and children. She has been a member of various expert panels and govt. bodies.