Six fundamental reforms

The edifice of a democratic republic sits upon six key institutions. Strengthen them and a nation grows strong, prosperous and happy. Let them decay and the nation gradually dies.

Prosperity, happiness and integrity of the people of a nation are defined by the structure, strength and independence of its key democratic institutions. Sadly, the six cornerstones of the edifice that is India that the world once looked upto for inspiration and leadership have all but collapsed. Our political leaders are the epitome of mediocrity and pettiness; Our justice delivery system is in a shambles; Police inspire terror and revulsion more than instilling a sense of security; The administrative setup is a relic from a century ago; Defence setup is the biggest source of corruption for the politicians; And people’s role in governance is limited to casting vote a dozen times during a lifetime.

Azad Bharatam will take up reforms of these six key institutions on a very high priority. But nothing will be done in a hurry and certainly not without extensive and exhaustive consultation with the experts, both from India and overseas, and the people at large. The process of deliberations is open now. You can participate by engaging in online discussion by choosing one or more of the reforms from the left bar.

For each of the Reforms, Subjects and Causes, there will be a team of experts, policy makers, academicians and leaders which will oversee the drafting of policy and engage with the people. We invite you to not only engage here vigorously but also approach us if you would like to be part of one such team. Choose a subject or cause that touches your heart the most, bring all your knowledge, resources and talent to the table, and start marching with boundless zeal towards your goal: All in the secure knowledge that you will be guided by experienced hands and mature minds, given the best possible strategic direction, helped with infrastructural support and right linkages, and have the support of a large number of people who are joining the party regularly.
Do also let us know if you are ready to shoulder other responsibilities either in a non-political way or as part of the party.
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