Introducing Nyayabhoomi

Nyayabhoomi is a newly founded Trust. In its earlier Avatar, it was (still is) is a registered society but given the need for new vision, objects, structure and team, it was deemed appropriate to create a new legal identity.

Nyayabhoomi will engage with and act as an umbrella organization for non-profit bodies such as Campaigns for justice, NGOs, Societies, Trusts, Institutions, Cooperatives & Trade bodies such as Associations, Federations and Confederations with the primary objective to ensure justice, fairness, equality before law and protection of rights as guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

Almost every worker, artisan, individual, entrepreneur, businessman or professional is part of one or the other trade body or an NGO. So essentially, everyone will be covered and protected, and will have an equal opportunity to participate effectively in activism for greater common good.

As a united force with adequate financial and other means, they will engage with the government from a position of strength on issues that affect them and steer legislation and the state towards what is best for them.