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Crony capitalism is a product of licence-permit-quota Raj of socialist era, absence of honest political funding and underpaid politicians.
Abhishek Singhvi
Abhishek Singhvi @DrAMSinghvi
AAP कहते हैं कि हम सारे फैसले जनता से पूछ कर करेंगे,फिर योगेंद्र और भूषण के मामले में जनता की राय क्यों नहीं ली ?
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy @JaiAryawart
@M_Lekhi जो मैंने वादे किये थे वो मोदी पूरा करें..जो वादे already मोदी पूरा कर चुके हैं, उनका credit मुझे दो.. #फर्ज़ीवाल …
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Frustrated and angry at all prevailing corruption and injustice, the common man feels helpless. We, the 120 crore people, do not know how to use democracy for positive change. But there is hope! NyayaBhoomi is building a structure that will allow people to form area and issue specific communities, from street level to national level. The communities, both online and offline, will work collaboratively for identifying problems and solving them - holding the politicians and bureaucrats accountable in the process.
NyayabhoomiMonday, 29 Dec 2014
A meeting of working group which stands for judicial reforms is being organised on 03.01.2015. Gulshan Pahuja, Raj Kachroo, Rakesh Agarwal, among others, will deliberate.
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NyayabhoomiSaturday, 27 Dec 2014
Phase 1 of our new website www.nyayabhoomi.org is ready. Please browse through and leave your comments, share pages.
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NyayabhoomiMonday, 13 Oct 2014
A fairly new political party has recently created a "minority wing". We have not read what they say it will do but we will apply logic and common sense to find an answer.

Who is a minority? It is considered to be a section of society holding religious beliefs different from the majority of the population in a given area. The reasoning goes that this section needs to protect its unique character, values and religious beliefs in an antagonistic environment. They also demand an assured share of public and other essential services which may be, they feel, denied to them by virtue of their religious identity. Certain privileges such as jobs not available even to the majority as a matter of right are also bestowed on them.

By creating a separate wing for the minorities, by corollary, the party in question accepts that our countrymen and the laws of the land are susceptible to discrimination on the basis of religion notwithstanding our claims to secularism and the principle of equality being our creed. Therefore, the only inference one can draw is that this party shall strive to seek an ever greater share of the pie for every community which is in minority and protect them from the excesses of the majority.

If this is in fact the case, then we reserve my deepest sympathies for the party in question. It is weakening and not strengthening the institution of democracy by pandering to the emotions and insecurities of the citizens. In fact, it amounts to institutionalising discrimination and inequality.

However, we would like to be proved wrong and hope that the newly-created “minority wing” of the party is meant to help minorities assimilate in the surroundings and protect them if they face an assault on their identity and other special interests from an adversarial majority by virtue of their religious beliefs.
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NyayabhoomiThursday, 02 Oct 2014
Design of the new website of Nyayabhoomi is nearing completion but populating it with content is going to take another 3-4 weeks before it can be ‘launched’. We have been extremely lethargic in posting on Facebook page and have totally neglected the Twitter account. The blog was never properly created in the first place except for a few articles lying around scattered.

Many thoughts, ideas and facts on a vast array of subjects will have no value if they are not presented to an audience for comments and discussion. A few papers written, PILs filed and quite a few RTI success stories, all these must pass through the vent and reach an audience.

On this trebly important date of 2nd of October, we take a pledge to pour our heart out every now and then on all available platforms, and engage with the supporters of the causes of Nyayabhoomi in a meaningful way.

Here is a snippet from the header of the new website. An image makes a post stand out on a timeline. :)
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NyayabhoomiWednesday, 20 Aug 2014
Judicial Appointments Commission bill is a disappointment in that it merely changes the configuration of the selection committee while leaving out all important removal process which is so cumbersome and lengthy that it has never been successfully executed. The law could have introduced several important provisions relating to the appointments and removal of judges. A missed opportunity, we would say.
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