About Nyayabhoomi

Frustrated and angry at all prevailing corruption and injustice, the common man feels helpless. We, the 120 crore people, do not know how to use democracy for positive change. But there is hope! NyayaBhoomi is building a structure that will allow people to form area and issue specific communities, from street level to national level. The communities, both online and offline, will work collaboratively for identifying problems and solving them - holding the politicians and bureaucrats accountable in the process.

Making Democracy Work

More than 95% of the Indians are willing to work for a society free from corruption, injustice and misguided development. To give shape to such a dream, we are building a system that will give every citizen the ability to participate in the country's governance in a democratic manner.

Right to Information

RTI works wonders for both personal and society’s benefit. We make it simple enough for you to master the basics in less than 30 online minutes. Write your first RTI application today! When the results come in, you will be happy you did! And then we will take you to the next level.

Auto Star Club

Auto Star Club, a group of auto drivers providing honest, safe and reliable service without overcharging or refusal, was relaunched on 15.08.13. It is ensured that the member-drivers live a life of dignity and financial security. To support, visit www.facebook.com/autostarclub.

Right to information

Intro to RTI for beginners

RTI Act is easy. Don't feel intimidated. Let us give you an overview of all that you need to know in order to feel like a 'master of RTI'. After this comprensive 8 minute introduction, you can move on to the next chapter to know the few stages of fighting your mini battle.

Step by step procedures

When and how should RTI be used? What are the steps involved in filing an RTI application, receiving information, preferring appeal, exposing corruption, etc.? All such questions are answered in a logical and easy-to-understand manner. A step-by-step path is laid out for you, supplemented by relevant formats & desirable forms.


Muthu in Delhi autorickshaw

On seeing this video in April 2009, Transport Minister A.S. Lovely had only one question - how can we install GPS in all 55,000 autos? So he was deliberating GPS as far back as in April 2009.

Autorickshaw service

Auto finance mafia

Auto-finance-mafia own or control more than 90% of autos plying in Delhi. The entire Transport Department acts like a puppet in the hands of these mafias. Such brazenness flows from the patronage they are given by Mr. Sandeep Dikshit, a Member of Parliament and the son of the Chief Minister of Delhi.

GPS - nothing but corruption

When we first saw the government’s scheme to install GPS/GPRS devices in all autorickshaws of Delhi, we thought it was a pie-in-the sky dream. But when we dug deeper, what came out was pure 24 carat muck.

Autorickshaws, the touts rule

ToutsAutorickshaw drivers, who are much maligned in Delhi, are themselves the victims of horrendous corruption at the hands of touts masquarading as (self-appointed) leaders of phoney unions (see right), corrupt transport department officials and extortionist auto finance mafia.


From the blog

  • A few questions about a few thousand new auto permits in Delhi

    08 Dec'11     157    Simon Harding

    Simon Harding, 18/11/11

    On Friday, Supreme Court judges K. S Radhakrishnan and C. K Prasad gave the go-ahead for 0.45 lakh new auto rickshaw permits to be issued in Delhi.

  • Unlocking the Grid: The Urban Transport Crisis and the Auto-Rickshaw

    14 Sep'11     117    Simon Harding

    Urban public transport across the developing world is in the midst of a crisis. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Jakarta and Nairobi have grown dramatically in the past few decades thanks to migration from rural areas and natural population increase. Every new resident requires a place to live, employment and a means of getting from one to the other - be it from a jhuggie cluster to the centre or from a posh colony to an office complex.

  • What would happen if the cap was lifted?

    09 Sep'11     140    Simon Harding

    The situation is familiar to most Delhites: it’s rush hour and you’re looking for an auto. But they all speed past with their passengers. "This city needs more autos", you mutter to yourself, "surely there’s a demand for them".

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